About DCM Wheels

Race Proven and Player Friendly

DCM has always carried quality wheels throughout our 14 years, but when a lapse in the supplies took hold, we decided to develop our own products that equal the quality of the tracks we were racing on. Tracks are now big pieces with all four or six lanes spaced out for sliding out and not hitting the car next to you and instead of hundreds of pieces of plastic track, there's only dozens of sections & these new tracks are smooth.  For example, Our Tub had just under 200 pieces of A/FX Quikee-Lok track on it, after a trip to the TKO shop for a custom insert there's only 4 sections now. Tracks are faster and a perfectly round wheel with the hole in the center is critical, so that's what we set out to do.

We wanted the outer flanges to be thinner than what was available at the time, so to get the tire out as far as possible we had to go to a premium Delrin that was tough and could be cut to exacting standards. The front hubs of our wheel sets had the outer flange made smaller also as to allow both a neoprene or the ureathane tire to be installed and removed without the flange breaking off. Our Indy & Tuff-one hubs have an even narrower outer flange so to push the tire out as far as we could. The Front Independent sets have a drill blank axle, pair of retainers and hubs. You can then purchase the right size tires separately to match your racing needs.  And if your not club racing, our wheels will greatly enhance your cars' capabilities just running around the home course.

DCM Wheels are offered in Natural ( White ) and Black, except for the DCM-1's which are also offered in Aluminum for the THOR & NESSRC guys. This is also a favorite of the collector/ basement  racer guys that want a metal wheel look with a skinny stance.  Our Indy, Hot Rod & Dune Buggy Hubs are made to be run at either 1 3/16" or 1 5/16" width and work great on the Trucks as well. Also, our Tuff-one Hubs can be run at both widths and are used by the NESSRC guys as front hubs with our neoprene front tire on the Grand Nationals Class.

Our line of wheels just expanded again in March 2018 with the addition of two new Independent Front Ends. The DCM-12's tech at 1 1/8" & the DCM-13's at 1 5/16" and are made of the same premium material as the rest of our line of wheels and are machined in the USA. As always, the Front End kits come with Hubs, Drill Blank Axle & Retainers.

The DCM line of wheels will be expanding over the next year with rear wheels for the ECHORR Nostalghia cars.  Enjoy the hobby of slot car racing with others and your time will be well spent.

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